Visitors to Canada Medical Isurance Plans

Medical bills can be very expensive for someone who isn't protected by Canada's National Health Care Program. If you are immigrating to Canada, coming on a work or student visa or simply visiting from a different country you are not covered. Don't risk being unprepared for an unforeseen accident, save thousands of dollars in medical bills by purchasing Visitors Travel Insurance.

We make it easy to get a free quote for this convenient and affordable plan, which even offers to pay for the cost of taking you back home in case of a serious medical emergency. Remember Visitor's Insurance is available to you at any time for a minimum duration of 7 days to a maximum of 365. All persons from the ages of one month or older are eligible to apply. Travel health quotes are available for individual visitors or for visiting families up to 6 members.

This coverage begins on the date of your arrival, if it was purchased prior your visit to Canada. In case you choose to purchase this policy while in Canada, know that you will not be covered before the first 48 hours immediately following the date and time that you purchased your policy.

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