Trip Insurance Questions - Answers

1. When should I purchase my travel insurance policy?
Any Travel Insurance package with cancellation benefits has to be purchased for the full value of your travel arrangements. We recommend to purchase the policy at the time of initial payment.
If you have not booked the travel insurance within two days of the initial payment, you can still get travel insurance; in this case your travel insurance policy will have an endorsement stating that under no circumstances will the travel insurance policy respond to losses or claims which arose prior to the date of issue.

2. Are family rates available?
Yes. You can get emergency health family coverage and save money. Your children are covered when they travel together with you, or when they join you during your trip.

3. Do I need Cancellation and Interruption Travel Insurance?
Due to unexpected circumstances, you might need to cancel your trip (you or a relative become sick, lose your employment, etc.)
Cancellation and Interruption insurance covers you for those risks and protects your financial investment.
It also covers you if you need to return home because of an emergency, for example: a relative becoming seriously sick at home, while you are on vacation abroad.

4. We are seniors over 65 years old with a few medical problems. Can we purchase trip insurance?
Yes, you can still purchase travel insurance. Your premium can be a little higher depending on your medical condition and your age.
Your premium and coverage will be determined by taking into consuderation your answers to a questionnaire.
You may not be covered for pre-existing medical conditions you have prior to your departure.

5. Do I need to read my trip insurance policy?
Your insurance policy includes all the terms of your Plan.
Some of these terms can limit your benefits, it's important to be familiar with your insurance policy.
Remember to take the policy with you on your trip.

6. Do I have trip insurance coverage if I pay my reservation with a credit card?
Trip insurance offered by credit cards is quite limited; emergency health coverage on many cards stops at a certain duration of your trip or age, credit cards rarely cover trip cancellation. Inquire with your credit card company to verify coverage.

7. I have a group plan with my employer. Do I need trip insurance?
Group plans rarely cover cancellation insurance, travel interruption or lost luggage.
Group plans can limit the maximum coverage for emergency health expenditures.