If you have a claim please call 1 855 603 5572

Each travel claim situation varies with the type of travel insurance coverage you've chosen, but overall:

If you have a medical emergency and don't speak the language of your travel destination, the Assistance Centre multilingual professionals can co-ordinate the care you need with a local doctor or nurse. They can also contact your family or employer and arrange other assistance.

If you require medical treatment, or for any medical emergency, you must call the Assistance Centre immediately.

After you have cancelled your trip, it is important that you please call the Assistance Centre as soon as possible, or benefits payable to you may be reduced.

To make it easier to help you, try to have your policy number ready when you call.

If you can't find the information, don't worry, the Assistance Centre will still be able to assist you in your time of need. Your policy number is on the confirmation page you received when you purchased your travel insurance.